Rioux Toussaint
Caleb Lane as Rioux Toussaint
Fullname Rioux Peres Toussaint
Birthday September 9
Species Damphyr
Age 17

Claim to Fame

There are likely 50 good, solid reasons why Rioux isn't one of the local popular kids. The most important two are what he is, and who he is. What, off course is akin to his status as a Rift Community member, living with his single mother in a boathouse farthest out of the bayou inlet. Who he is, is even more to blame for his lack of a shining reputation. Rioux is a jerk, and often considered to possibility be the most likely to become a serial killer. Quiet, abstract, charmingly sly when need be, its' no secret that Rioux has a silver tongue and he knows how to use it. Despite his bad rep, the local mothers adore him.



Rioux could easily be described as introverted. Brooding and in some cases outright arrogant. Despite this his friends look upon him with a mixture of acceptance and understanding, allowing him to issues his opinion as law and simply chuckling over the sound of his irrational self pride. Despite these less than appealing descriptions, Rioux is rather laid back, often found lounging about reading, or simply sitting and 'people watching', a hobby to which he is nearly of Olympic talent. Like most boys his age his personality comes equipped with a startlingly quick temper that is most often kept in check. Rioux also has a somewhat unhealthy a fascination with the macabre, which is rather well known since his childhood of killing kittens and torturing local pets, luckily he seems to have at least outgrown the desire to put his fascinations into play, instead simply allowing them to play out in his mind.


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