Sasha Petrai
Jamie Gunns as Sasha Petrai
Fullname Sasha Marlow Petrai
Birthday July 18
Species Lycan
Breed Foster
Age 18
Height 5' 3"
Weight 121 lbs
Eyes Grey
Hair Black/Brown
Occupation Student - StreetPerformer

Claim to Fame

As a young girl growing up in Cane Bayou those who remember her, say she was very different then, a pretty girl who was kinda shy but still had a good word for everyone, who took dance lessons at the local dance school, and had a talent and a bright future in ballet.
Then sometime during her freshmen year in High school, she changed, along with her personality. Some rumor of an attack and then she disappeared. Only to return to Cane Bayou during the summer before her senior year.
The wild child, a beautiful young woman who had turned into a creature of sensations. She's at every party, she is known as the person to buy your booze from, and has been known to crash with whoever gives her the most attention. The rumors differ here, sometimes she picks out the most wild and interesting of the evening and somehow ends up with them.
Her parents own a local liquor store out on the highway.



There are two sides of Sasha, the Sasha that everyone sees and the Sasha that is hidden from all but her closest of friends. And asking anyone, she doesn't have any of the later. But Sasha is the life of the party, any party, anywhere, at anytime. She takes any dare, uncaring of how much danger this places her in, she seems to shine the more wild the night gets and simply is living for the moment.
It is not that she's rude to people, or throws their values up to the air, she simply believes that a person should live life to the fullest and that is what she's going to do. Since her change during her freshmen year, she's become a child of sensations: driving fast, running naked in a field, drinking, sex, drugs and anything to make her blood pump.
In the shadows though at night, the nightmares come, giving her little good sleep on the worse nights. It's also in the shadows that the wounded girl hides, her sweet thoughts, her wishes and desires. It's also here that her goodness hasn't been lost. Even at her wildest, she does nothing to directly harm another, even taking beatings and the rap for others if she thinks they arn't strong enough to hand it. She's learned to handle whatever she has to, no matter what it does her own mind/body/spirit.

IC Relationships

Name Relation Notes

Family Relationships

Name Relation Notes
Ampelius Pertai Father Age 47, Human, Owner of Sturgis's Liquor, Named after the Sturgis Run. Former Craftsmen/Construction Worker.
Elia Pertai Mother Age 45, Human, Homemaker and Works at Family Store.
Sadshaiv Das Grandmother Age 69, Blessed, A wisewoman born in the old country, a loving grandmother who has moved in with the family to watch all the children.
Licus Pertai Brother Age 29, Human, Eldest of the children. Craftsmen, No longer Living at Home.
Myles Pertai Brother Age 27, Human, Bad boy of the family. Biker. Not seen in 7 years.
Jasmin Mardii Sister Age 26, Human, Eldest girl. Married and living in New York. Plus-size Model
Pertai Siblings Brothers Junus, Age 12 : Konstanz, Age 11 : Pluto, Age 8 : Quintus, Age 6. Human, Underage Boys, Live at Home.
Pertai Siblings Sisters Malka, Age 5 : Dhara, Age 3 : Lolita, Age 1. Human, Underage Girls, Live at Home.

Family Store: Sturgis's Liquor - Highway 119 (City Limits)


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