Starling Hadwin
Sno E. Blanc as Starling Hadwin
Fullname Starling Guinevere Hadwin
Birthday December 31
Species Damphyr Carrier
Age 17
Height 4' 11 1/2"
Weight 101.3 lbs
Eyes Amber Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Student/Singer/Perfumer

Claim to Fame

Starling is the exotic girl, the one clearly not born in Lousiana nevertheless Cane Bayou, it's also very clear she's not even American born. Egyptian would be the answer if anyone really asked her, and within a town of beautiful people, she stands out in a striking if understated way. Known to wear veils in her hair, and even across her face, her amber-brown eyes are a siren's call that is remembered, but.. unless some beautiful teenagers, she doesn't seem to be catty with other girls, if nothing, she seems warm and inviting. Her true claim to fame is her voice; beautiful, haunting and almost angelic when she sings. Oh and.. if you are looking for perfumes, or different scents, it's said she does that too, though really that's just a rumor..



Starling Guinevere Hadwin, is without a doubt, a very unusual creature. Born in the exotic port of Alexanderia Egypt, she is more exotic flower, than out going teenager. Raised under the rules of a free spirited mother, and a tradition bound father; Starling can be charming, flighty, shy, sensual, teasing, direct, stubborn and any other range of emotional outbursts, but she is never loud. She simply never raises her voice above a whispery timber unless she is singing.

Some might assume this makes her easy to control, weak, less important or even submissive, but that is far from the truth. There is a core of steel running through her blood, that adds to the allure of her form, face and voice, and yes she knows this, using it to her advantage. Starling is a people person, hidden in the shell of a delicate flower, and as exotic and mysterious as anyone who would come from the Rift Community.


Name Relation Notes
Elizabeth Markus Hadwin Mother Damphyr Carrier - Presumed Dead
Ali Hadwin Father Damphyr - Presumed Dead
Roslyn Toussaint Guardian Damphyr Carrier


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