Taylor Blake
Chace Crawford as Taylor Blake
Fullname Taylor Jackson Blake
Birthday October 13
Species Lycan
Age 17
Occupation Student

Claim to Fame

Taylor's a nice enough guy. A little standoffish, but easy enough to get along with. He used to play baseball until a couple years ago when his dad made him stop. College and all that, his families very persistent about Taylor making a place for himself in the world, unfortunately that means sacrificing his youth to achieve it.



Taylors personality of one of complexity and depth. Quiet and standoffish, he's not exactly shy, rather he prefers observation before action. He enjoys reading, writing, and music, but often opts to sit along and read rather than sit and cut up with his friends. It is not to say that he doesn't spend time with his peers, but he simply prefers to find a balance between his personal time and social time.

Taylor has a firm grasp on his responsibilities and the expectations on his shoulders. These things he embraces rather than resents, despite the fact that the weight can seem to heavy some days. He regards his father with all the respect the man demands, but the actions seem hollow and empty to anyone perceptive enough to notice.


Name Relation Notes
Curt Richard Blake Father NPC
Elizabeth Collins-Blake Mother NPC

Character Trivia

Sad, unfortunate facts about Taylor Anyone would know;

  • Taylor has never drank a single sip of liquor, beer, or booze in his life. Not because he's against it, but because he tends to become duped into being the driver, or because he seldom goes out.
  • Taylor hasn't dated anyone since he was 15, and this is often considered for the best, as Kathy Miller said that the one date they took to a make-out party was the dullest night of her life. Taylor spent the night talking about a book he'd been reading. Sure-Thing-Kathy is not the brightest color in the box. This topic was wasted on her.
  • Taylors dad is known as one of the most diehard Lycan of the town and is said to have started his own pack at 16. It's no Secret that he pushes Taylor very hard.
  • Despite his Dads pushing, Taylor is one of the nicest people in the school. People often refer to him as 'The boy scout' of Cane Bayou.

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