Additional Information
Lycans: Created of the Maiden
Mortals: Created of the Mother
Damphyr: Created of the Crone
Carriers: The Human Side of Nature
Blessed: The Human Side of Man
Damphyr Carriers: The Human Side of Evil

While there is not a wide variety of character races permissible for play on Clair de Lune, there is a very good reason. By limiting the number of different spheres the staff and players are able to better focus on the theme of the story. That said players are allowed to play normal humans with no knowledge of the supernatural world around them, Gifted Humans (Rare), Lycans, and Damphyr. Please avoid trying to tweak the concepts, create new races, or change the rules regarding the races. That said, staff also do not permit mixing races. No half Lycan half Damphyr, no Damphyr carriers. You are 1 thing or another. Please avoid this aggravation.

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