Rift Community

The Rift Community of Cane Creek was founded in the late 30's, when merchant families were still prominent. Now, with the age of new some families cling to their old Cajun heritage, remaining on the waters of the bayou and river. The Rift Community, located on Cane Creek, is just such a group. It's a lovely sight. A long dock crowded with houseboats of many makes and models. Some houseboats are self built by the family, others are manufactured, but all held hold tight to that old world feel of family and good food. There's always a cookout somewhere nearby, and minds still thrill of the stories the elderly rift residents spin on their decks late at night.

Despite their historical tie to the area the locals are less inviting to the Rift Community members than what would, or should, be considered rational, as one too many thieves have been found among the Rift community. The group also has many members with jobs of the unorthodox nature that are met with a curious eye by many locals. Fortune tellers, voodon queens, and tour guides mostly reside here, though there are a few that have normal everyday careers.

The Rift community is the focal community of the Damphyr. This community is not a welcoming one for those outside the racial barrio. A race of untrusting nature, they behold the outside world as inferior, and its people as prey to be carefully tended, like sheep for the slaughter. The Rift community is lead by the eldest and most experienced Damphyr. See News Damphyr for more race information.
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