The Changing: The Changing Explained

After a Damphyr has reached puberty is when the Change will begin. There are many ways this can happen, but below you will find the time spans, from the start of puberty, and the effects that should be noticed.

One Week After Infection (or upon entering puberty)

Step 1: The Damphyr will notice a change in their body structure. Their muscles will begin to harden, creating a firmer body. This is the process where the body is beginning to prepare itself for their new purpose. The Damphyr will experience a great deal of energy in these days.

Two Weeks After

Step 2: As the Change works its way through the system, the Damphyr will begin to notice that his/her strength has enhanced, only slightly so, making things such as handling glassware, and other breakable things more difficult until they learn to better control this strength.

Step 3: The Damphyr will begin to notice a change in his/her senses. They will become more sensitive, making the smallest noise seem louder than expected, the brightest light seem blinding, and the lightest smell seem potent. This at first can seem very nerve-racking and overwhelming to the character.

Three Weeks After

Step 4: It is now that the truth becomes clear. The Damphyr will begin to have dreams of killing those they care for. Often they will not awaken with fear, but satisfaction, as in their sleep they begin to uncover their most natural instincts and desires. The Damphyr will begin to notice a change in their sleeping habits, becoming sleepy during the day (not enough to be to life altering), and very active at night, as well as other sudden changes. These may be noticed by others around them as well:

  • Change in sleeping habits.
  • Change in diet. While food is still edible it no longer fills them. They crave something more, often to the point of becoming irritable about food.
  • Mood swings. The calm has worn away, and they are now reaching a very irritable stage in their development. What was once tolerable and even enjoyable may become nerve grating and cause for fits and even tantrums that could easily escalate to more.

Four Weeks After

Step 5: The Damphyr in the character is now fully awake. HOWEVER, they will have a very hard time controlling this for a while. The cravings and desires will remain difficult to control.

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